Chocolate Tasting Kit

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Kit includes tasting squares of a variety of flavors, and a tasting guide

An elegant box of a variety of tasting squares
Pure 100% Chocolate Chunks
Pure 77% Chocolate squares
Pure 70% chocolate squares of our award-winning Rustic Chocolate (texture is crunchy, Mexican style chocolate) 
Pure 67% Chocolate squares 

24 piece kit also includes: 
Michigan Cherry 77%
Sea Salt 67% 
Cinnamon Rustic 70% 
Michigan Blueberry 67%

Ask for a guided tasting online with a minimum purchase of 10 tasting kits
The guided tasting includes how we make chocolate, how chocolate flavor is developed and what influences the flavor of chocolate, finishing with a guided tasting where you and your guests will learn about chocolate's complex flavors. As many as 850 flavors have been identified in chocolate which makes it, by far, the most complex food surpassing red wine and coffee.  Available in 16 and 24 piece boxes. 

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