Ecuadorian Vanilla Bean

Ecuadorian Vanilla Bean

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Variety is Vanilla tahitensis. This vanilla is plump, fresh and fragrant. Beans are grown in Ecuador.

Contains one Grade A bean. Moist, fragrant and blemish-free

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More information about vanilla: 

Vanilla tahitensis is a cross between Vanilla planifola and Vanilla Oderata. This hybridization may have happened naturally or inadvertently in the period 1350-1500 in tropical America. It was used by the Aztecs and the flavor proved popular with the Spaniards. Hernan Cortes brought vanilla pods to Europe where they were grown in greenhouses, and cultivation was attempted in various tropical locations. Seed from Madagascar were taken to Tahiti in 1848 and it was this foundation stock that is now cultivated as Vanilla tahitensis. In Mexico, it is pollinated by a specific species of bee, so when grown elsewhere, the flowers need to be pollinated by hand in order for the pods to develop.



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