Mindo Chocolate Makers Gift Card

Mindo Chocolate Makers Gift Card

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A digital gift card to the Mindo Chocolate Makers Online Shop!


- Recipients will receive their gift card via email and will have a private code within that email that can be used at checkout.

- If your gift card is a gift, be sure to use the recipient's email at checkout.  If you happen to use your personal email, simply forward the gift card to them. 

- If you plan on purchasing a gift card early with the intent to send it to the recipient later, use your personal email at checkout, and forward that email to the recipient when your gifting time comes. The gift card and code will still work as normal.

- Gift Cards can be used on 100% of our website, including shipping!

- Gift card balances carry over and can be used at any time. 

- Mindo gift cards do not expire!

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