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About Our Community Supported Chocolate Club

As Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers, our every product is supported in limitless ways by our community.  

Our producers are our friends and neighbors, with whom we work directly to source the most delicious and responsible ingredients. Every sliver of Mindo chocolate is the product of life-long relationships and love.  The Community Supported Chocolate Club allows you to become a part of the Mindo family with a monthly chocolate subscription box tailored specifically for you.

This comes through in the intimate selections we make for our CSC bundles. Pairings and highlights are carefully selected by our expert chocolate makers each month for your enjoyment -- to draw out the best of the season, the best of our line-ups, and the best in you!

July 2021 Bundle

This month's box is inspired by the excitement of July fireworks shows and the serene tranquility of summer nights filled with stars and fireflies.


  • *NEW* Salt & Pepper 67% Bar
  • Limited Edition Pistachio & 77% Mendiants
  • Strawberry Miel Milk Chocolate Bar
  • El Quetzal Brownie
  • El Quetzal Brownie - Macadamia Nut Edition!
  • Pure Rustic Tasting Tile Cube


    Current members will receive an invoice for payment via email. 





    What is it?  Members will receive a custom curation of bars and cocoa products determined by season, recommended pairings, and new products.  Some bundles will include special limited opportunities such as digital tastings, coupons for later purchases, chocolate literature, and more!

    Frequency: Members can choose to receive their bundles monthly, every two months, or every 6.  

    Payment: Payments for subscriptions are NOT auto charged, but an invoice will be sent by email each subscription wave and will include a pay button before shipment.

    Can I purchase other items with my Chocolate Club Purchase? Yes!  If you would like to order other items alongside your club subscription, they will ship on the 1st with your box.  If you would like them sooner, place a second order for the other items.

    Members can cancel at any time by emailing, or by replying to their payment email with "cancel".


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