Community Supported Chocolate

As someone who is intentional about making conscious buying decisions, you may likely have heard of Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. Mindo Chocolate Makers is thrilled to offer our second season of a novel twist on the traditional CSA with CSC: Community Supported Chocolate. The goal of CSC is to put more money into the hands of cocoa farmers and their farms, while providing our customers with superior quality, direct-trade, organic cocoa products.

So, how does this work and why is it important?

At the beginning of a season a customer makes a one-time payment that covers three months of a CSC share. This one time payment provides our farmers with the upfront capital required in cocoa production. Unlike most crops, cocoa beans can be picked at anytime during the year, but the largest and highest-quality harvest takes place during the late summer. Ideally, small cocoa farmers would pick all the ripe pods during the peak of the season for the best flavor and also to reduce waste and lost income. Unfortunately, without ample funds to employ a high number of pickers at one time, this is typically not possible.

Our hope when creating the CSC concept was to be able to provide farmers with the upfront cost needed to maximize opportunity at harvest time. 

With the capital coming in from our 68 CSC members in 2015, you pitched in to help purchase 20 tons of beans during peak harvest. This is almost double the amount we normally purchase over a year; plus it was at the exact right moment for superior flavor and minimized product loss!

For all of the good it does for farmers, our CSC is also a fantastic and delicious experience for our customers. Members conveniently receive shares right to their doors which feature: novel items special to CSC members; first release of our seasonal bars; and a breadth of innovative products and recipes to expand your interaction with the creative world of chocolate. Items may include chocolate bars, baking chocolate, cocoa powder, drinking chocolate and more. 

Community Supported Chocolate really is what we like to call a win-win. Participate this season on your own, as a family, with a friend, or even as a gift to your favorite chocolate lover.  

This Fall we will be mailing 3 CSC boxes just in time for the holidays. Each share costs $150 (plus $40 for S&H) or choose the option of a 4th box of chocolate that arrives in late January just in time for Valentines day.