Coco the ghost season is here and one question that I get often: Is white chocolate actually chocolate?  Unfortunately, it is not a simple yes or no answer. 

We make our white chocolate with cocoa butter (pressed from the cocoa bean) dry milk powder and cane sugar.  About 30% of our White Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean. Some chocolate bars are made with as little as 11% cocoa bean, less cocoa than some white chocolate. 

The FDA does have a legal definition for White Chocolate and it must contain a minimum of 22% cocoa butter, milk and some form of sugar (nutritive carbohydrate sweeteners). So according to the FDA, at least, there is such a thing as White Chocolate.

- Barbara Wilson
Founder of Mindo Chocolate Makers
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I love these—they are so buttery tasting and the combo of regular chocolate with the white is a nice juxtaposition. I recently sent a couple ghosts to one of my students who had foot surgery and she couldn’t go on enough about how fabulous they tasted! She sent me multiple texts! Making this purchase won’t be scary at all ;)

Marsha Benz

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