Tours, Tastings & Classes

We offer chocolate-making events in both Dexter, Michigan and Mindo, Ecuador and invite everyone to become part of the wondrous chocolate-making tradition.  Your journey begins with an introduction to the Theobroma cacao tree and finishes with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind craft chocolate bar, confection, or beverage and many great memories to cherish.

We hold a variety of classes and tours at our cozy chocolate factory nestled in the quaint woods of small-town Dexter, Michigan. From informative classes to interactive tours, from truffle-making to delicious chocolate tasting, we have many wonderful opportunities for you, your family and friends!

 in Dexter, Michigan 

Chocolate 101 Tour


Chocolate 101 Tour is a 60min experience where you'll learn about the 5,000-year-old South American tradition of chocolate-making and what makes Mindo Chocolate Makers' chocolate unique and amazing! Step inside our cozy chocolate kitchen in Dexter, MI, and we'll walk you through our process of making chocolate from heirloom cacao bean-to-bar. Available for 16 attendees per class of all ages (ages 5+ suggested). Buy your tickets here

Truffle-Making Class


Truffle-Making Class is a 90 min hands-on workshop where you'll learn to make the delicious, super-smooth chocolate confections that are the stuff of everyone's dreams. You'll create and personalize your own perfect truffles from our 67% dark chocolate, our all-natural cocoa powder, and a variety of other toppings from dried raspberry powder to cocoa nibs. Available for 16 attendees per class of all ages (ages 10+ suggested). Buy your tickets here 



Make a Beautiful Bar Class

Make A Beautiful Chocolate Bar Class is a 90 min hands-on workshop in chocolate bar making.  You'll learn how fine chocolate is made, from bean-to-bar, and craft your own unique chocolate creations by hand. Available for 16 attendees per class of all ages (ages 10+ suggested). Buy your tickets here




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The Chocolate Tour in Mindo, Ecuador is approximately 60 min long and accommodates people of all ages. In gorgeous, tranquil Mindo you will tour a mini cocoa plantation, taste cacao fruit fresh from the pod, watch beans in the process of fermentation, witness the drying of beans, and see the entire process of small-batch chocolate making from tree-to-bean-to-bar.


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Youth Events - School groups and children of all ages are welcome at both locations for special events. We are also excited to bring our chocolate classes and workshops to you! Email us at for more information on how to arrange something special for your kid group.

For private or personalized adult, family and friend group tours and classes email us at for availability and cost.