Make Your Own Truffles! (Class e-Ticket)

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In this workshop event, we'll show you how bean-to-bar chocolate, ganache, and truffles are made before leaving the truffle-making fun to you.  Join us in the Mindo chocolate kitchen and together we'll all make our own delicious, personalized truffles from our bean-to-bar artisan chocolate.  The perfect activity for a group of friends, coworkers, or any others who want to get creative in the kitchen together!

Ticket includes a one-time class/workshop in truffle-making and 4 take-home truffles of your own creation — with more available to be made and purchased at the event.

Our weekly courses alternate, Truffle-Making and "Make a Beautiful Chocolate Bar".  These are unique workshops, so feel free to sign up for just one date, repeat a class for fun, or come back for another class to explore another theme.


* COVID-19 UPDATE: In accordance with new CDC guidance, we’re requiring all guests to have been vaccinated before joining and to wear a mask while here.  (We always wear masks in the chocolate kitchen, anyway, to protect the chocolate and our customers!)  As CDC protocol changes so too will our policies.


LOCATION: 11061 Trinkle Rd Dexter, MI

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