Maple Season with Mindo Chocolate Makers

Maple Season with Mindo Chocolate Makers

It's that time of year ... MAPLE SEASON!


As the farms around us work on tapping the trees for fresh maple, we are getting ready for the release of our very special seasonal bar that highlights the best of maple season.




With the end of February, and the early days of March approaching, our latest chocolate bar represents a final hurrah to the winter months. Warm and toasty, easy to cozy up with and ride into those early spring months.


Here in Michigan, maple season typically lasts from mid-February to mid-April. A good maple season has warm days followed by nights that dip below freezing. Once the sugar maples begin to bud, we know maple season has closed, and spring is on its way. 


Our Salted Maple Pecan Chocolate Bar celebrates the short season with the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Made with toasted pecans, a dash of sea salt, and our signature 67% chocolate that has been sweetened only with the season's pure organic maple sugar from small family farms. Grab a bar, cozy up, and enjoy the season with us before it's over! 


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