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Run, run as fast as you can!  Catch this bar this holiday season -- craft chocolate with a hint of gingerbread man!

Transport yourself in spirit to a countryside bakery with eaves blanketed in fresh snow, tables laid out with intricate gingerbread houses molded with frosting, and holiday goodies baking in the fiery oven.

Everyone's favorite cozy-warm spices join forces with our luscious 67% dark chocolate for a treat that could melt any heart in even the coldest winter.  Its prominent comforting flavors arise from the richness of all-organic Nacional cocoa beans mixed with candied ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.


Soy-free. Despite the name, this chocolate bar contains no bread and is gluten-free! 

 Made with cacao which is kept at low temperatures during processing.

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