Family Grown

Our company spans two countries, two continents, and over 3,000 miles, and as a result, our idea of community tends to be a little different from the norm. We believe our community includes anyone and everyone who comes into contact with our raw ingredients and finished products. We’re a small business, and no matter how big we grow, we’ll always have a small business mentality that relies on great people coming together -- our growers, our employees, our customers -- to create the most delicious chocolate experience possible.

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Country of Origin Bars

Very few chocolate bars worldwide are made in the same location where cocoa beans grow. Creating chocolate bars in the country of origin helps create jobs and improves the cocoa growers' local economy. These bars are made with the same organic Nacional cacao beans and the same handcrafted care as our bars made in Michigan.


Rustic Chocolate Bars

We developed our rustic line of bars to get back to chocolate’s roots. Also known as Mexican chocolate, rustic chocolate has a bit more texture than our other bars. We stone-grind the cocoa beans for less time, yielding a chocolate that’s more intense in flavor with a fun crunchy texture. We've added flavors that were first added to chocolate by the Mayans and Aztecs: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Hot Pepper and Pure Chocolate. Our rustic bars are 70% cocoa.


Signature Chocolate Bars

Our honest and simple chocolate bars are stone-ground for optimal flavor in Dexter, Michigan. This is our "flagship" chocolate line that reflects what we do best: dark chocolate made from organic Nacional cacao beans. Our signature chocolate bars come in two intensities - 67% and 77% - and are offered in pure varieties or paired with classic Michigan ingredients. Our signature chocolate is made with only organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar (vegan) and sometimes we add a very small amount of our own cocoa butter that we press ourselves. We never add soy lecithin. Our pure chocolate does not contain milk.