We’re always grateful when someone takes the time to listen to our story. We know it’s a long story. But we also know that people care about where and who their food comes from. We’re proud of the fact that we’re intimately connected with the people who grow our cacao thousands of miles away. And while cacao is the most important ingredient we use, we source all of our other ingredients with the same commitment to responsibility, sustainability, and excellent flavor. Because we take the time to find high-quality, responsibly-produced ingredients, we like to share that info with you so that you can feel good about the whole chocolate bar.

Nacional Cocoa Beans

Ecuador! Learn more about our cocoa beans here.

Organic Evaporated Cane Juice

Because we're only using two ingredients in our pure chocolate, we have to make sure that the quality of our sugar lives up to the quality of our cacao. We use sugar that is less processed than traditional white sugars, the cane juice that we use has a light golden color. It's a beautiful sight to behold along with all the certification stamps on the outside of the bags. It is not washed with bone meal and it is vegan. 

Michigan Blueberries & Cherries

Tabone Farms -- Traverse City, Michigan. It's difficult to find great dried blueberries. We're lucky to have found the Tabones, a great family who has been supplying us with great dried Traverse City blueberries for quite a while now.  

Celtic Sea Salt®

Selina Naturally®. Hand-harvested and Kosher, Celtic Sea Salt® is certified to be free from pesticides, herbicides, and harmful chemicals. 

Candied Orange Peels

We make our candied orange peels in house from organic oranges. Since we’re using the rind of the orange, it’s especially important that we choose oranges that are pesticide and spray-free. We’ve been known to empty the Valencia orange shelves of our local food-cooperative every now and then.


Trufflebert Farms -- Eugene, Oregon. From the moment we first called Trufflebert Farms to ask for a sample of their hazelnuts, we knew we liked them. They had a story similar to ours -- they're people who are passionate about what they do and are never willing to compromise the quality of their products. Since 1983, they've been using natural fertilizers and reworking the fallen leaves back into the soil every year. We liked their story so much that we didn't even bother with the sample - we placed our first order and have been incredibly happy with these huge, delicious hazelnuts ever since.


Baugher Ranch -- Orland, California. We like as unprocessed as possible. That’s why we bought into what Baugher Ranch is doing in Northern California. Due to federal regulations put in place in 2007, all California-grown, commercially sold almonds in the US were required to be pasteurized. Baugher Ranch chose the least intrusive thermal heat pasteurization option in order to preserve the great taste and nutrients in these beauties.


Mindo Chocolate Makers -- Dexter, Michigan. We roast and grind all of the coffee that we use on our coffee toffee bars. Our operation in Ecuador (El Quetzal de Mindo) originally began as a coffee shop; over the years, we've forged a relationship with Olger, an Ecuadorian farmer who supplies us the high-quality Tipica coffee that we roast in Dexter.


Visit our restaurant in Ecuador and you’ll understand how much we love ginger. It grows abundantly on our organic farm and we use it in everything from ginger beer, ginger ale, crystallized ginger, ginger tea, to ginger syrup. Intense flavor and a nice kick of heat. 

Hot Pepper

Grown on our organic farm in Ecuador, the hot peppers that we use in our Macho Rustic bar are a small red pepper that packs quite a punch. After drying it, we chop it up, grind it down and garnish the back of our bars.

Milk Powder

We use Humboldt’s organic milk powder in our white and milk chocolate. Great quality - yields a very pure and smooth white chocolate.


We use local butter from Calder Dairy in our brownies. It makes all the difference in the world in flavor.


Local, free-range, hormone-free, eggs from Calder Dairy.


All of our flours used to make brownies, cookies, and other ingredients are from Bob's Red Mill. These are the best flours on the market, and we only purchase gluten free grains and blends!