Pure 67% Chocolate Bar

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Where “pure” means pure, singing joy.

This mellower take on our pure dark chocolate vibrates with warm energy, nuttiness, and floral tones.  The sunniest Nacional cacao you’ll meet, with soothing notes from mulberry to roasted marshmallow that can’t help but leave you smiling.  Toasty-warm flavor and summer day loveliness no matter the time of year.

It's what we do best: dark chocolate made from organic, fine flavor heirloom Nacional cacao grown in the birthplace of cacao in Ecuador.   No milk, no soy, no additives — pure and simple.

Tasting Notes: Apple pie, pistachio, rose, cinnamon bourbon. 

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans (cacao), organic cane sugar (vegan), organic cocoa butter.

Net Wt 50g/1.76oz

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