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Mindo Chocolate

Cocoa Liquor

Cocoa Liquor

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Cocoa liquor is pure chocolate in it's simplest form. Ours is made from pure 100% Nacional cacao, minimally stone-ground and untempered. Intense cacao taste and a coarse texture. Use as a less processed, more traditional replacement for baking chocolate in your recipes.

This is the very same chocolate that we use to make our El Quetzal Brownies in Mindo, Ecuador. We will include our very popular brownie recipe in every order if you request it. 

Note - cocoa liquor does not contain any alcohol, nor does it come in contact with alcohol at any point during its processing. "Liquor" is a term used within the chocolate industry to describe pure cocoa mass.

Net wt 340g / 12 oz

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans

Made with 100% cacao 

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