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Ecuadorian Dark Drinking Chocolate | 100% Cacao

Ecuadorian Dark Drinking Chocolate | 100% Cacao

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International Chocolate Awards Winner 2024!!!

Looking for an unsweetened drinking chocolate that you can add exactly the amount of sugar you want? Look no further! Try our 100% unsweetened Ecuadorian Drinking Chocolate for a creamy intensely flavorful chocolate boost. Natural cocoa, single-origin, organic, shade-grown, ethically sourced, made from Nacional cocoa beans.

Ingredients: 100% dark chocolate (organic cocoa beans), natural cocoa powder.

Net Wt 255g/9oz or 454g/1lb 

Directions: Heat your favorite milk (or water) to 160 degrees. Whisk in Mindo Drinking Chocolate until dissolved. For a full-bodied chocolate flavor like we make in our Ann Arbor cafe, we recommend adding 2-3 heaping Tablespoons of Ecuadorian Drinking chocolate for 8oz or 12oz of milk. Adjust the amounts and temperature as desired.  

Made with pure (ceremonial grade) heirloom cacao 

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