Limited Edition Heirloom Pumpkin Bar

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From a micro-batch of just 154 comes the perfect handcrafted white chocolate bar needed to embody the golden spirit of fall in Michigan.  Made with real, locally-grown heirloom pumpkins picked at the peak season, this isn’t your typical pumpkin spice flavor.


Galeux d'Eysines is an heirloom winter squash with a delectably high sugar content, making it the perfect pumpkin for baking and sweets.  This composition lends the surface of these squash to little bumps that resemble peanuts, rendering it an entirely peanut-free, so-called "Peanut Pumpkin!"


Hearty, sweet, and true autumn squash flavor.  A uniquely custardy, melt-in-your-mouth texture.  With fresh, earthy pumpkin tones followed by a distinctly fruity maple sugar punch, and a strong finish of enchantingly deep caramel tones — enough to sweep you off your feet into a pile of fall leaves.


30 g/1.02 oz bar


INGREDIENTS: Organic cocoa butter, maple sugar, milk powder (milk), heirloom pumpkin powder.

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