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Mindo Chocolate Makers

Salt & Pepper 67% Chocolate Bar

Salt & Pepper 67% Chocolate Bar

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One of the most popular flavors from our location in Ecuador! 

Pink Himalayan sea salt, Ecuadorian black pepper, and ultra-smooth 67% dark chocolate bring out the best in one another, from black licorice and gentle peppermint notes to a deeply satiating depth perfect for any barbecue.

Made in Ecuador with Ecuadorian Nacional cacao, our Country of Origin bars are special in the world of chocolate.  Most cacao farmers have never tasted chocolate made with the beans they produce, but we bring the best bars close to home for Ecuadorians and Michiganders alike.

Ingredients: certified organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, pink sea salt, Ecuadorian black pepper

Net Wt 1.76oz/50g

Licensed businesses: ask about wholesale prices and quantities at

Made in Ecuador 

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