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Mindo Chocolate Makers

Mindo Team Picks Care Package

Mindo Team Picks Care Package

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Two chocolate makers, two sales people, and the owner of Mindo Chocolate Makers walk into a gift box... and now you can buy their favorite chocolate all in one place! 

The perfect option for anyone who waffles over delicious choices, loves personal recommendations, or wants to ensure their recipient will love the chocolate they get!


Barbara's Pick: 77% Chocolate-Dipped Ginger

Milo's Pick: Panela Chocolate Bar

Sofi's Pick: Cinnamon Rustic 70% Bar

Andrea's Pick: 67% Dark Chocolate Baking Chunks (8 oz bag)

Zach's Pick: Salt & Pepper 67% Bar

Erich's Pick: El Quetzal Brownie

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